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Recipon Leo Profile


Korea Name: resipong Leo / Shin Eun-soo

Date of Birth: 09/07/2008

Gender: Male

Height, weight: 99cm / 17kg









[Studio promotion model]

Promotional Model Forest and many others dream studio

Baby Fair 2010, COEX recording studio release




[Magazine or]

July 2009, August, October, December, 10, November, December, 11 years May mamaenangpang pay & appendix & fashion photo shoot

August 2009 to 10 years in February, April, September or shooting baby

August 2009, November, 10, January, April Best Baby or shooting

W KOREA photo shoot September 2009

November 2009 to 10 years in September (DAX Kids) kkasaribing photo shoot

Esquire, December 2009 photo shoot

Baby photo shoot 10 years in June

10 years in November angjyu fashion photo shoot


[Magazine Cover]
Best Baby 10 years in February cover shoot

10 years in April, November mamaenangpang cover shoot




[Product photography]

Pororo wontoyi House Package product image taken bolpul

Thomas wontoyi bolpul packaged product image recording

Baby bouncer chair packaged product image taken wonaenwon

Thomas wonaenwon eorinyibol packaged product image recording

Product images taken bosom their panties oversized packages

Pororo bicycle product image recording

Red Deer Summer 2010 photo shoot DP



[Wear ring model]

Premier haepiraendeu jyureu


Red Deer





[Fitting model]



Dodam dodam






Baby Photo Contest Awards 2009 EFE yiepeuyi

2009 MBC Drama Academy of Music Award Feel house studio child model contest

2009 1st Korea ppiahje wired and children, including young intellectuals, model selection contest 1

Bosom baby model contest 2010 Prize

2010 2nd child model contest challenges children, including Baby Part 2 benisang




Hyundai Home Shopping, bedding, diapers, live

Children keyibeulgwangjo bonang damom

Stokke new product launch event model

B4B promotional video

Vita Health Books Korea ‘to wake my child’s brain magic fun’ book model

Contractor book model

Everland promotional video




Rakaenrak TV CF

Canon EOS 600D TV CF (ahppapyeon) oneeojung

Kumon worksheets to print ads in 2011 infants Parts

Yamaha Music Class print ad





Assorted Gems MBC weekend drama ‘gungtaeja Station

KBS yihwisoui true 3 years ‘Jeffrey’ Station

Arirang TV “hand in hand” baby model Leo

MBC Entertainment Plus Glorious Day “shining child Heat”

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